The Best Grottoes

For the discoverer's informations, please check out the detail pages.

Metal King Slimes Only

Emerald World of Woe Lv.64
Location: Western Stornway (07) / Angel Falls (86)
Map: Caves
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Nemean @ B17
Chest: A4 B9 C2
Details: MKS-only @ B8 (1m 17s).
The fastest MKS-only map.
Base Quality: 220-248 / 230-248

Silver Marsh of Bane Lv.58
Location: Mt Ulbaruun (5D) / Western Coffinwell (8A) / Wormwood Canyon (73)
Map: Water
Monster Rank: 6~8
Boss: Elucid @ B12
Chest: C1 D6 E1
Details: MKS-only @ B11 (2m 43s) with the weakest support monsters.
The best map for MC solo leveling (which is mainly for obtaining 10-revocate accolades).
Base Quality: 120-136,150-153 / 114-119,140-147 / 112-133

Liquid Metal Slimes Only

Steel Path of Bane Lv.63
Steel Path of Bane Lv.69
Location: Newid Isle (1D) / Western Stornway (06) / Pluvi Isle (33)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 6~9
Boss: Atlas @ B14 / Fowleye @ B14
Chest: C5 D4 E4
Details: LMS-only @ B7 (1m 19s).
The fastest LMS-only map.
Base Quality (Global): 136-149,152-179 / 130-139,148-166,170-176 / 133-189

Gem Slimes Only

Emerald Ruins of Gloom Lv.72
Emerald Maze of Gloom Lv.81
Location: Wyrmwing (79) / Khaalag Coast (62) / Lonely Coast (8F)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Atlas @ B14 / Atlas @ B17
Chest: S1 A2 B4 / S1 A3 B4
Details: GS-only @ B9 (1m 28s).
The fastest GS-only map. All support monsters can be Mercy-ed.
Base Quality (Global): 210-219,223-248 / 194-199,204-209,215-248 / 197-209,220-248

S/A Chest Maps

Emerald Nest of Glee Lv.73
Location: Iluugazar Plains (57)
Map: Fire
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Nemean @ B17
Chest: S8 A5 B1
Details: Easy endless farming S8/A4 items with Chest Timer. (S64 A32/h)
The best map for S chest marathon.
Base Quality: 207-209,220-248

Sainted Soma Maps

Emerald World of Glee Lv.60
Emerald Maze of Glee Lv.63
Emerald Ruins of Fear Lv.78
Location: Western Coffinwell (1A)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~12 / 9~12 / 9~11
Boss: Equinox @ B14 / Equinox @ B15 / Fowleye @ B12
Chest: S2 A3 B4 / S2 A3 B5 / S2 A3 B3
Details: Quickload 2 Sainted Somas & 1 Brouhaha Boomstick @ B9. (3m 10s) (37.9 Somas + 159,000 Gold/h)
The fastest map for easy obtaining Sainted Soma.
Base Quality (Global): 173-189,193-248

Ethereal Stone Maps

Emerald Dungeon of Dolour Lv.61 Editor's Choice
Location: Newid Isle (1D) / Western Stornway (06)
Map: Fire
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Equinox @ B15
Chest: S1 A4 B4
Details:Quickload~23s Ethereal Stone @ A-Chest beside B3's downstairs.
Quickload~22s Ethereal Stone @ A-Chest beside B4's upstairs.
If you take B3's Ethereal Stone and go to B4 immediately (at least before the Chest Timer goes to 22s), then you'll 100% obtain the B4's Ethereal Stone. (1m 27s) (82.7 Stones/h)
This map is usable for both 4-character team and MC solo.
The stablest map for easy obtaining Ethereal Stone.
Base Quality: 210-248 / 216-219,240-248

Millionaire Maps

Platinum Crypt of Dread Lv.84
Platinum Crypt of Dread Lv.87
Location: Djust Desert (38) / Newid Isle (21)
Map: Water
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Hammibal @ B15 / Hammibal @ B16
Chest: S1 A5 B6 / S1 A6 B6
Details: Quickload Wyrmwand & Metal Slime Spear @ B3. (1m 22s) (1,930,000 Gold/h)
The easiest map for obtaining high price weapons (and sell them to get rich).
Base Quality (Global): 188-189,200-248 / 200-248

New Map Generators

Clay Cave of Bliss Lv.1
Location: Newid Isle (1D) / Eastern Stornway (09) / Iluugazar Plains (53)
Map: Water
Monster Rank: 2
Boss: Equinox @ B3
Details: 14s from entrance to boss floor. No enemy spawn control needed.
You only need to press Up and Down (and L) button to move in this map.
The easiest 2-floor + Boss map.
Base Quality: 2-48,50-53 / 2-53 / 49,54-58

Diamond Lair of Dread Lv.79
Location: Mt Ulzuun (5A) / Eastern Stornway (87)
Map: Caves
Monster Rank: 9~11
Boss: Fowleye @ B12
Details: 1m 47s from entrance to boss floor. No enemy spawn control needed.
The fastest map for farming new maps from Base Quality 220-229.
Base Quality: 170-189,200-209 / 186-189

Emerald Ruins of Death Lv.83
Location: Angel Falls (04)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~11
Boss: Excalipurr @ B12
Details: 2m 7s from entrance to boss floor. No enemy spawn control needed.
The fastest map for farming new maps from Base Quality 230-248.
Base Quality: 175-198,210-211

Legendary Maps

Ruby Path of Doom Lv.87 (Masayuki)
Location: Eastern Wormwood (6B) / Iluugazar Plains (54)
Map: Caves
Monster Rank: 7~10
Boss: T-wrecks @ B16
Chest: A1 B6 C5
Details: MKS-only @ B15 (3m 53s).
It's also useful for Map Method Seed Farming.

Emerald World of Gloom Lv.86 (Kawasaki Locker)
Location: Mt Ulzuun (5A) / Hermany (3E)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Fowleye @ B15
Chest: S4 A6 B2
Details: Easy endless farming S4/A4/B1 items with Chest Timer. (S44 A44 B11/h)

Granite Tunnel of Woe Lv.1 (Usugura)
Location: Slurry Coast (23) / Western Coffinwell (1B) / Western Stornway (05)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 1
Boss: Equinox @ B4
Chest: H1 I1
Details: The first map given by Quest 015 which is useful for Map Method Seed Farming or Map Method Slime Hill LMS.
Note: Location 05 only exists on Quest 015 reward.

DQIX North America & Europe version have a slower text speed than Japanese version.
Due to the slower text speed on Quickload/Open the menu/Changing maps/etc., the maximum effeciency of all the above S/A, Soma, Ethereal, Millionare maps will be reduced by 2~10%.

If you have all these maps above, you will have the PERFECT grotto collection with a maximized convienence for your game progress.