Sainted Soma Maps

2 Somas @ Single Floor (Quicksave Quickload only)

Ruby World of Glee Lv.61
Location: Western Coffinwell (1A) / Angel Falls (03)
Map: Water
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Equinox @ B17
Chest: S2 A3 B3
Details: 2 Sainted Somas @ B9 by Quicksave & Quickload. (3m 28s) (34.6 Somas/h)

Emerald World of Glee Lv.60 / Emerald Maze of Glee Lv.63 / Emerald Ruins of Fear Lv.78
Location: Western Coffinwell (1A)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~12 / 9~12 / 9~11
Boss: Equinox @ B14 / Equinox @ B15 / Fowleye @ B12
Chest: S2 A3 B4 / S2 A3 B5 / S2 A3 B3
Details: 2 Sainted Somas & 1 Brouhaha Boomstick @ B9 by Quicksave & Quickload. (3m 10s) (37.9 Somas + 159,000 Gold/h)

2 Somas @ Single Floor (Quicksave Quickload only, MC solo)

Diamond World of Regret Lv.71
Location: Slurry Coast (22)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Trauminator @ B15
Chest: S2 A7 B4
Details: 2 Sainted Somas @ B9 by Quicksave & Quickload on MC solo. (3m 18s) (36.4 Somas/h)
MC solo changes the Chest Timer's offset to -1s.

P.S. This map has also 2 Ethereal Stones @ B3 by 17s method.
(MC solo only affect Quickload's offset. There is no difference between 4-person team and MC solo on other Chest Timer methods.)

2 Somas @ Single Floor (Alternative Method required)

Sapphire World of Joy Lv.59 / Sapphire Nest of Joy Lv.65 / Sapphire Nest of Gloom Lv.89
Location: Eastern Stornway (09)
Map: Fire
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Nemean@ B15 / Nemean @ B17 / Excalipurr @ B17
Chest: S3 A2 B2 / S3 A3 B3 / S3 A3 B3
Details:Quickload Sainted Soma @ B9.
8~33s Sainted Soma @ another S-Chest on B9.
Open the Quickload one and then do the BR on/off once, you'll 100% obtain another Soma at B9. (3m 7s) (38.5 Somas/h)

3 Somas @ Single Floor (Chest Timer Tool assisted)

Several Somas @ Multi-Floors (Quicksave Quickload only)

Several Somas @ Multi-Floors (Alternative Method required)

Emerald Nest of Ruin Lv.87
Location: Lonely Plains (28) / Doomingale Forest (11)
Map: Caves
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Excalipurr @ B16
Chest: S4 A4 B6
Details: 4 Sainted Somas @ B9~B11 by 11s~12s Quick Methods of Chest Timer. (4m 35s) (52.3 Somas/h)