Fastest 12 Bosses

This page lists the maps with the shortest distance from grotto entrance to the boss's touching area.

Note: The times are counted from entrance to boss floor, not the boss's touching area.
If counted to boss's touching area, then:
Ruins: +6.6s
Caves/Ice/Water: +7.2s
Fire: +7.4s


Graphite Tunnel of Glee Lv.1
Location: 0A / 02 / 6E / 82
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 1
Boss: Equinox @ B3 (12s)
Chest: None


Rock Mine of Doubt Lv.4
Location: 18 / 0D / 39 / 01
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 1
Boss: Nemean @ B3 (13s)
Chest: None


Copper Mine of Dolour Lv.10
Location: 25 / 1D / 64 / 78
Map: Caves
Monster Rank: 3
Boss: Shogum @ B3 (11s)
Chest: None


Iron Cave of Bane Lv.25
Location: 18 / 2C
Map: Ice
Monster Rank: 4
Boss: Trauminator @ B5 (31s)
Chest: F1 G2 H1


Basalt Cave of Bane Lv.24
Location: 4A / 4C / 60
Map: Ice
Monster Rank: 2
Boss: Elusid @ B5 (31s)
Chest: H3 I3

Sir Sanguinus

Basalt Mine of Woe Lv.40
Location: 76 / 08
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 4~5
Boss: Sir Sanguinus @ B7 (56s)
Chest: E2 F1 G2


Platinum Lair of Gloom Lv.42
Location: 93 / 7C
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 5~6
Boss: Atlas @ B7 (58s)
Chest: F2 G4 H3


Steel Ruins of Hurt Lv.58
Location: 75 / 0C
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 6~8
Boss: Hammibal @ B11 (1m 32s)
Chest: C2 D4 E1


Steel Ruins of Hurt Lv.61
Location: 75 / 0C
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 6~8
Boss: Fowleye @ B11 (1m 32s)
Chest: C2 D4 E1


Silver Marsh of Hurt Lv.66
Location: 8A / 21
Map: Water
Monster Rank: 6~8
Boss: Excalipurr @ B11 (1m 37s)
Chest: B1 C4 D1


Ruby Crypt of Death Lv.79
Location: 5A / 82
Map: Water
Monster Rank: 9~11
Boss: T-wrecks @ B12 (1m 58s)
Chest: S1 A2 B5


Silver Path of Hurt Lv.77
Location: 6C / 03
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 7~9
Boss: Greygnarl @ B13 (1m 58s)
Chest: A3 B0 C3

Note: This is a B12 + Greygnarl map.
Unfortunately, there's no B11 + Greygnarl maps could be faster than it.

Silver Snowhall of Death Lv.83 The Previous Fastest Greygnarl Map
Location: 57
Map: Ice
Monster Rank: 7~9
Boss: Greygnarl @ B12 (1m 59s)
Chest: A4 B2 C3

The Slowest Map

Ruby World of Gloom Lv.83
Ruby World of Dread Lv.92
Location: 90
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~12 / 8~11
Boss: Atlas @ B17 / T-wrecks @ B17 (6m 27s)
Chest: S3 A3 B1 / S1 A4 B2