Ethereal Stone Maps

2~3 Ethereal Stones @ Single Floor (Quicksave Quickload only)

Ruby Crypt of Bane Lv.67 / Ruby Nest of Bane Lv.73 / Ruby Crypt of Hurt Lv.85
Location: Wyrmtail (96) / Bloomingdale (2D) / Eastern Coffinwell (16)
Map: Caves
Monster Rank: 9~12 / 9~12 / 9~11
Boss: Trauminator @ B14 / Trauminator @ B16 / T-wrecks @ B13
Chest: S1 A3 B2 / S1 A4 B2 / S1 A3 B2
Details: 2 Ethereal Stones @ B3 by Quicksave & Quickload. (1m 25s) (84.9 Stones/h)

Sapphire Maze of Doubt Lv.75
Location: Western Wormwood (70) / Angel Falls (02)
Map: Ruins
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Trauminator @ B17
Chest: S2 A4 B6
Details: 2 Ethereal Stones @ B3 by Quicksave & Quickload. (1m 21s) (88.8 Stones/h)

2 Ethereal Stones @ Adjacent Floors (Alternative Method required)

Emerald Dungeon of Dolour Lv.61
Location: Newid Isle (1D) / Western Stornway (06)
Map: Fire
Monster Rank: 9~12
Boss: Equinox @ B15
Chest: S1 A4 B4
Details:Quickload~23s Ethereal Stone @ A-Chest beside B3's downstairs.
Quickload~22s Ethereal Stone @ A-Chest beside B4's upstairs.
If you take B3's Ethereal Stone and go to B4 immediately (at least before the Chest Timer goes to 22s), then you'll 100% obtain the B4's Ethereal Stone. (1m 27s) (82.7 Stones/h)
This map is usable for both 4-character team and MC solo.